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  1. Hi! I'm R. A. Leath, author of Mayberry Melodies. In this never-before-published collection, you will find every song that was ever picked or sung, whistled or hummed on The Andy Griffith Show and more!  This collection of 91 songs brings all of the lyrics to life.  From "Dooley" to "Good Ol' 14A", you will get it all. Plus all of the poems from "Juanita" to "Old Aunt Mariah". Trivia? We got it! Did you know there is a song sang on TAGS that was written by Paul McCartney and John Llennon? Mayberry Melodies is a MUST for every fan of The Andy Griffith Show. Get yours now!


Introducing Special Contributor Rodney Dillard!

In this book, Mayberry Melodies, for the first time, all of these threads are woven together into a beautiful tapestry. Many of the songs you will recognize, like the popular ones of the Darling family. Others, like a tune hummed or whistled in passing become a treasure hunt into the what and why they were chosen and where they come from. Mayberry Melodies is a delightful journey into the music of Mayberry, America's favorite home town.


Rodney and I are delighted to bring you this once in a lifetime publication. As you read through these lyrics and all of the other goodies in Mayberry Melodies, you will most likely find yourself grinning from ear to ear as you replay those priceless episodes in your imagination.  We truly hope that you have as much fun with Mayberry Melodies as we did bringing it to you.


R. A. and Rodney

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